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What Size Motor Should You Buy To Convert Your Bike?

What Size Motor Should You Buy To Convert Your Bike?

You only need a battery and a motor to get the benefits of an e-bike, like pedaling assistance and throttle mode. These elements attach to your traditional bike in convenient locations that make a big difference when you turn them on.

The first thing most people ask when they want to transform their bikes is what size motor they should buy to convert their bikes. The answer is simple. Depending on usage and lifestyle, you can choose different options that will bring great benefits, like a simple commute and a comfortable ride.

Types of Motors

The difference between motors comes from the power they provide your bike. You have three options depending on how often and how far you ride. If you are new to e-biking, you can choose the one that will give you all the advantages with less power and switch gradually as you get more experience. These motors include:

  • The front hub e-bike motor kit gives you 500w of power; the motor attaches to the front wheel of your bike and the battery to the back, making it convenient for balance and compatible with most traditional bikes. You can achieve a speed of up to 25mph.
  • A 750w mid-drive motor kit lets you achieve a speed of around 32mph, gives you more power, and attaches to the middle of your bike for a low center of gravity.
  • The 1000w mid-drive motor kit is one of the most powerful motors for e-bikes. This motor is lightweight and powerful. Installed at the center of your bike, it feeds power directly to the chain and can reach a speed of up to 40mph.

Recreational Purposes

An e-bike will give you more reasons to go out for a ride because the features like pedal assistance and throttle mode will make your ride more enjoyable. If you use your bike for recreational purposes, the best option is a 500w motor; it will give you the necessary power to elevate your ride. An e-bike motor kit with battery for recreational purposes is the best way to get a taste of a new way to ride your bike.

Long Range and Adventure

Your e-bike will provide you with new options and possibilities when going on a ride. These include commuting long distances and even trying new adventures like mountain riding and all-terrain drives. The size of the motor you should buy for your e-bike will determine how far you can go and how comfortable your ride will be. You can choose between a 750w or a 1000w, and they will deliver a better riding experience.

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