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Bafang Ebrake Sensor Installation

The Bafang Ebrake Sensors allow you to convert your already existing brakes into ebrakes which will be able to cut power to the motor when you brake. The ebrake sensors are plug and play compatible with the BBS02/BBSHD Bafang motors. The ebrake sensors are compatible with any lever-based brake (including hydraulic brakes and disc brakes). If you like your existing bike brakes and don't want to use the stock Bafang ebrake levers, you can use these ebrake sensors to keep your current bike brake levers.

Simple and easy ebrake sensor installation! Just plug one end of ebrake sensor into your Bafang wiring harness and attach the other end and the magnet to your brake lever handle.

 Step by Step Bafang Ebrake Sensor Installation Video: