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Ways To Troubleshoot Common E-Bike Problems

Ways To Troubleshoot Common E-Bike Problems

While e-bikes don’t require constant trips to the bike shop, things can go wrong with every piece of technology from time to time. We have a few tips on how to solve typical issues without bringing your bike to the shop. If you want a few ways to troubleshoot common e-bike problems, then you’ve come to the right place!

Check the Voltage

When your electric bike has trouble starting or keeps cutting off, the problem is usually with the battery. Ensure the voltage is working correctly. If you don’t see the LEDs on your control panel light up, the battery may be dead, or there could be a blown fuse. Use a voltmeter by connecting the prongs to the positive and negative nodes on the battery.

If you don’t get anything, think about how long the battery pack has gone without charging. If you’ve charged it within the last six months, you’re in luck! Try charging it for eight hours and see whether you can get the bike up to full speed.

If you haven’t charged it for the last six months, you should purchase a new battery. It will likely prove impossible to revitalize a battery that’s remained dead that long.

Check the Prongs

You should also check your prongs before connecting the battery to your e-bike. If the prongs are out of shape, they can prevent the completion of a circuit. This can lead to your bike cutting off mid-drive. Use pliers or a wrench to bend them back into place and check whether this solves your problem.

Check the Pedal Assist

If your battery doesn’t seem to be the issue, but power cut-offs or pulsating power persists, the problem could rest with your pedal-assist system. If you’ve recently made any adjustments to the pedals, wheels, or sprockets, you may have inadvertently misaligned the magnets in the pedal-assist system. Try using a flathead screwdriver to push the magnets closer to the sensors.

Now that you know these ways to troubleshoot common e-bike problems, try a little DIY maintenance before having your bike serviced. You can probably save some money. Our electric bicycle conversion kits for sale are even easier to manage than these tips, so pick one up today!

by Alan Hubbs