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Useful Tips for Extending Your E-Bike Battery’s Life

Useful Tips for Extending Your E-Bike Battery’s Life

Many people worry that an e-bike purchase will lead to countless battery replacements as time goes on. While e-bike batteries can die quickly, it’s a case of poor maintenance and not a problem with the technology. We’ve compiled a list of useful tips for extending your e-bike battery’s life, so read on!

Avoid Overcharging and Letting the Battery Empty

The technology within most e-bike batteries consists of lithium cells, which make for a long-lasting battery, but only with proper care. Lithium cells slowly degrade with repeated charging, so your best bet is to keep your battery within the optimal charging zone. You should do your best to avoid the battery falling to zero percent, and you should also stay away from one hundred percent.

Consider charging your battery whenever it drops below 30 percent and removing it from the charger once it reaches 90 percent. That way, you’ll maximize battery life without sacrificing performance on your rides.

Store the Battery Properly

If you’re planning to take a break from riding your e-bike, proper battery storage is essential to ensure you won’t return to your hobby with a dead battery. First, remove the battery from your e-bike. Then, bring your battery inside with you. Storing the battery outdoors with fluctuating hot and cold temperatures can cause permanent damage, so room temperature is best.

Ensure your storage location is dry—although e-bike batteries have waterproof seals, you don’t want to risk introducing outside moisture to the cells. Our final tip is common sense (we hope)—don’t store your battery anywhere close to flammable or combustible objects.

Minimize Weight

The heavier your e-bike is, the more work your battery needs to put in to make it go. As much as you can, reduce the weight on your bike to ensure that your battery can power your bicycle as long as possible. Slower-draining batteries result in longer rides and a longer overall life span.

Now that you know these useful tips for extending your e-bike battery’s life, check out our selection of e-bike batteries for sale—treat them right, and they’ll last years!

by Ebike Essentials