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Top 5 Tips for Preparing Your E-Bike for Winter

Top 5 Tips for Preparing Your E-Bike for Winter

Winter weather can be unpredictable, and you may wonder if you’re capable of riding your electric bike during this season. Your e-bike will need some changes before you can safely begin cycling in these conditions. If you want to ride your electric bike this winter, you need to consider these top five tips for preparing your e-bike for winter.

Create a Plan for Cycling in the Winter

Riding an electric bike in the winter is unlike riding during any other time of year. Map out where you will ride your bike and take things slow. Be alert and prepared to stop or dodge something in your path.

Have a Safe Place To Store Your E-Bike

Another important tip for preparing your e-bike for winter is to pay extra attention to the battery. The battery is the most important aspect of your e-bike. Plummeting temperatures will impact the battery.

Store your e-bike in a location that won’t reach below temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold temperatures can damage the battery and cause it to stop charging. Consider bringing your e-bike or the battery inside the home when needed to avoid these issues.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

You’re cycling at fast speeds in cold temperatures this winter. The goal is to stay warm and mobile and avoid damaging your skin. To prevent conditions such as windburn, recommended clothing options include:

  • Comfortable gloves
  • Hats
  • Warm face coverings or scarves
  • Warm socks
  • Clothing that covers all parts of the skin

Use Anti-Rust Spray

Cycling in the snow and ice can create build-ups on your bike. After a bike ride, it can be easy to place your bike in the garage without cleaning it off. When snow, ice, and slush are left on your bike for long periods of time, they can cause rust to form and deteriorate the metal quickly. An effective preventative measure is to apply anti-rust spray to the spokes and chain after riding.

Find the Right Tires

Before you embark on your first winter ride, you will need to make sure you have the proper tires that will support your winter bike riding adventures. There are two options for tires you can purchase: studded or fat tires.

Studded tires are necessary to travel through hard-packed snow and icy roads. Fat tires are used in soft snow conditions. Both are necessary options for bike riding in the winter because they will keep you sturdier and safer than other tires for riding during other seasons of the year.

Electric bike riding in the winter can be the perfect way to brighten your holiday season. Consider buying an electric bicycle mid-drive conversion kit to enhance your e-bike experience this winter.

by Andrew Jeffs