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Tips for Riding Your E-bike When the Battery Is Dead

Tips for Riding Your E-bike When the Battery Is Dead

It’s sure to happen at some point; we’re only human, after all. Much like the frustration of waking up to find that your phone wasn’t charging overnight, a dead e-bike battery can be an aggravating experience. The saving grace of e-bikes is that you can still ride them when the battery doesn’t have any charge left. It won’t be the same experience, but at least you don’t need to feel stranded wherever you are if your battery does die. These tips for riding your e-bike when the battery is dead will keep you safe and help you get where you’re going without exhausting yourself.

Don’t Try and Tackle Steep Hills

Without the motor on your e-bike, you can still rely on your manual pedal power to get you going. However, you’ll definitely have to work a little harder to move forward. E-bikes are heavier than standard bikes, which makes them more of a hassle when you can’t use the motor to help you. Because of this extra weight, hills will be quite a bit more of a struggle. If you can avoid them or switch to walking for particularly challenging hills, you’ll definitely save some energy.

Keep a Steady Pace

You don’t want to tire yourself out on your way home once your battery is already dead. You may feel the urge to rush back and get your e-bike charging right away, but if you are far away, you may not be able to make it if you push too hard. One of the best tips for riding your e-bike when the battery is dead is to simply keep your pace steady so that you can make it back to a charging station safely.

Don’t Try to Ride Long Distances

If you’re far from home when your battery dies, you have a decision to make. How much of that trip can you reasonably make while pedaling your e-bike? If you don’t think you can make it back without your motor, consider areas where you might be able to hop off and walk the bike for short periods. Long-distance biking on an e-bike without a motor can tire you out quickly, so don’t overdo it.

Stay Far From Traffic

Whether you deal with bike traffic or car traffic, you’ll almost certainly be slower than the other people you share the road with. To keep yourself and others safe, move as far away from traffic as possible. Obviously, you shouldn’t use a sidewalk if you aren’t permitted to, but make sure you move far enough over that you aren’t in anyone’s way.

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