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Things To Consider When Biking Uphill and Downhill

Things To Consider When Biking Uphill and Downhill

Simply put, electric bikes are the same as regular bikes but with pedal-assisted motors. That means an e-bike rider is distinct from a regular bicycle and a motorcycle. But you may wonder, “Is there anything you should consider when biking uphill and downhill?” Of course, there is—read on to learn more!

Climbing on an E-Bike

An e-bike assists human power, but it doesn’t completely replace it. Hills will still be the toughest part of a ride, but an electric bike can take some of the effort off your shoulders (or, more accurately, your legs). Thanks to the pedal-assisted motor, you can expect most hills to feel like riding a regular bike on a level surface.

Downhill Riding and Braking

Once you clear the top of a hill, gravity starts taking over. You probably won’t need the e-bike’s motor at all for a little while. In fact, regenerative braking may be your best bet. This isn’t a feature on all e-bikes, but here’s how it works. Usually, when you pedal forward, you send a signal to the motor that tells it to rotate in a certain direction and expend power.

With regenerative braking, you tell the motor to turn in the other direction and help you slow down. This acts as a generator and can restore a little battery life as you brake! While this restoration won’t be enough to extend your ride by several hours, every extra minute on an e-bike counts.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure can significantly impact how easy it is for you to climb hills. You can refer to the wall on your tires to see the recommended air pressure. We suggest checking your PSI before each ride to ensure you set yourself up for success.

Now you know these things to consider when biking uphill and downhill. So you can stay safe on the trails and have fun, too! If you’re looking for ways to make hills easier on your daily ride, consider a mid-drive e-bike kit. You can convert your favorite bike into an electric bicycle in no time flat!

by Andrew Jeffs