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The Importance of Carrying Spare Electric Bike Batteries

The Importance of Carrying Spare Electric Bike Batteries

What happens when you’re enjoying an off-roading trip with your friends and look at your display to discover that you’re down to 5 percent battery left? Luckily, since electric bicycles are pedal-assisted, you won’t have to cut your trip short.

However, you will be stuck manually pedaling your bike for the rest of the trip, which can quickly become exhausting. Keep reading to learn the importance of carrying spare electric bike batteries (and how to do it)!

Doubles Your Range

Carrying just one extra battery with you at all times is enough to double your e-bike’s range. How annoying is it when you realize that your battery is down to 50 percent, which means you need to turn around and head back home? That isn’t a worry when you have an extra battery. You won’t need to cut your exploration short anymore!

The same is true for an off-roading trip. It’s difficult to predict how long a mountain biking tour will take, so bring along a spare battery to make sure you can enjoy the entire trail.


Depending on your electric bike’s setup, an extra battery may aid in balancing your bicycle. If your battery pack is attached to the front half of your bike, you might consider securing the spare to the back of the bicycle. This small change can make your life easier when biking up or down hills and prevent you from popping a wheelie when you don’t want to.

How To Carry Extra Batteries

If you’re looking for e-bike batteries for sale, you’ll also want to know where to put them on your bicycle. The easiest solution is a rear rack that mounts above your back wheel. This is the perfect option for carrying spare batteries and any other gear you want to bring on your trips. You can also pick up an e-bike frame bag that sits perfectly in the triangle of your frame.

Now that you understand the importance of carrying spare electric bike batteries, pick up an extra battery and never run out of juice again!

by Ebike Essentials