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The Difference Between Torque and Cadence Sensors on E-Bikes

The Difference Between Torque and Cadence Sensors on E-Bikes

Owning an e-bike comes with a lot of different benefits, from improvements in health to a more pleasant commute. The motor on your e-bike will work as much or as little as you want. This is to ensure you can achieve your goals in the best way possible with the option of help whenever you need it. The difference between torque and cadence sensors on your e-bike detects the amount of help you get, and you can switch between them as you please.

Battery Life

The battery on your e-bike is the essential part that transforms a standard bike into something more special. The torque sensor will help you save your battery’s life because it requires you to pedal in order to move forward. You get some help, but you need to use your strength as well. The cadence sensor will move your e-bike with full battery energy; this means the battery will run out of power more quickly because of the energy it uses to move your weight and speed.

Constant Speed

When you are pedaling your e-bike, the speed might change constantly as you go through different terrains and heights. The constant speed you maintain with the torque sensor depends on how much strength you can put into pedaling and how much energy you have, while the cadence sensor will maintain a constant speed. You can set your desired speed on the screen that comes with your e-bike—it will manage to keep that speed no matter the path you are taking.

Battery Power

The speed, distance, and battery life you get on your e-bike will also depend on the size and power of your battery. There are different ways you can own an e-bike, whether you choose to transform your regular bike or buy a full-set e-bike. Batteries like the Bafang 500-watt front hub motor have everything you need to rely on for either function. This battery will quickly transform your bike into a powerhouse.

Save Your Energy

One of the main differences between the torque and cadence sensor is their energy use. If you are looking to exercise and get a good workout, you need the torque sensor to kick in so that you can start pedaling and using your capacities. This will get you sweating and let you use your energy. If you are looking for a more leisurely commute, you should rely on the cadence sensor. It will let you get to your destination without a sweat and without using any of your strength for pedaling.

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