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How To Convert a Regular Bike to an Electric Bike

How To Convert a Regular Bike to an Electric Bike

With technology advancing and covering every area of our daily routines to make it easier and more reliable, is it also taking over the way we commute and exercise. Turning some processes into a more sustainable practice is also another way technology is beneficial to us and the planet we live in. If you want to take part in these changes and improve the way you commute and move, learn how to convert a regular bike to an electric bike for more benefits.

It is a simple process that you can achieve in different ways because you have options. Transforming the way you exercise and the way you commute for a better experience will give you the motivation to achieve more. The only constant is change and you can start with your bike to make a difference.

Regular Bike Eligibility

Before getting a conversion kit for your regular bike, you need to know which one would work best for your bike. There are many details you need to take into consideration, like the distance that you normally use your bike for or the terrain that you go through most of the time.

These elements will help you determine which kit is right for you; you can get the one with the most power and battery life, but if you do not use its full capacity, it might just go to waste. The kit will allow you to turn any bike into an e-bike, except for little kid’s bikes because they are too small for the motor and the battery; other than that, you can transform any bike.

E-bike Kits

To transform your bike into an electric one, you need an e-bike kit that consists of a motor, a battery, and a display handle. You attach the motor that will power your bike at the front or the back, depending on your needs. Remember that these will add some weight, but you can overcome this will the energy of the motor.

The battery goes in the middle bar and will power the motor every time you go into throttle mode or pedal assistance. The display screen goes in the handle, and it will tell you information about the speed, the level of assistance you are using, or set a speed in throttle mode so that it is constant no matter the terrain or inclination.

Types of Kits

There are various conversion kits that you can choose from depending on how much power, distance, battery life, and assistance you need. You can get different parts separate, but if you are doing it for the first time you need the complete kit, here are the ones you can choose from:

  • Complete Bafang 750W BBS02 Mid-drive e-bike motor kit and battery
  • Complete Bafang 1000W BBHSD Mid-drive e-bike motor kit and battery
  • Complete Bafang Front Hub e-bike motor kit and battery

The main difference between a mid-drive and a front hub is the motor placement. You will get the mid-drive motor where the bike’s crankset is, and when you power on the motor, it will keep the rotations going without you having to pedal. The 1000W e-bike kit with the battery will give you the utmost power for any type of road, distance, and terrain. This set will transform your bike into a machine.

Electric Motor Use

The motor and battery complement each other, and you can’t use one without the other. The placement of these two is essential for your e-bikes performance, and you’ll preferably need to have professionals do this for you for a better experience. However, you can always order the kit and follow the clear instructions for good results.

When you turn on your motor, the battery will feed energy to it and will power your bike. Whether you need pedal assistance or full engagement, you can choose what you need from the display screen. For pedal assistance, you can choose from different levels 1-5, where 1 is the lowest assistance and 5 is the closest to full throttle.

Full throttle means that you are not pedaling, and the motor is doing all the work. This feature comes in handy when you are going up a hill or traveling for a relatively long distance without your getting tired or avoiding sweating.

Benefits of Transforming Your Bike

An e-bike’s purpose is to provide aid and power whenever you need it. If you are an avid rider, you understand how challenging it could be to ride and pedal for a long period of time and distance, to the point where you need to stop and catch your breath after a while. The benefits of transforming your regular bike into an electric bike help you keep the same routine but with extra features that get further.

An important benefit is that aside from exercising, you can use your e-bike for an efficient and reliable commute that doesn’t require any gas. This benefit decreases the number of gas emissions into the atmosphere and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It is important to think about the future and the many options available to achieve greener results.

Although you do need to charge your battery after every use and this requires electricity, the distance, use, and flexibility add more to the benefits and also prevent an overload of cars and traffic on the streets. People are transforming cities to make them more accessible and functional for bike riders, and the benefits of having a motor that will get you almost anywhere without emissions and a long-lasting battery are incomparable.

E-bike Brakes

The brakes on your e-bike work the same way they do on a regular bike. When you apply pressure to the brake lever, the cables apply pressure onto the pads that slow down the wheels. The motor will detect that you are slowing down and stop.

After a while, you need to check on your brake pads constantly to make sure that they don’t wear out. This could affect not just your wheels but the motor as well, especially the ones on the front and back wheels. Check your brakes, use power when needed, and enjoy the many benefits of an e-bike.

How To Convert a Regular Bike to an Electric Bike
by Andrew Jeffs