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How Far Can You Ride On One E-Bike Battery Charge?

How Far Can You Ride On One E-Bike Battery Charge?

The fear that resides in the back of every driver’s mind is running out of gas at the most inopportune moment. It’s not for nothing that those interminable stretches of interstate across the Great Plains bear signs that read “Last Exit for 100 Miles” or something to that effect. Get gas at them or forever hold your peace.

Somewhat less calamitous but still undesirable is the e-bike rider’s equivalent of running on empty. It’s a battery that goes dead. Fortunately for cyclists, just as Mitch Hedberg told us that an escalator doesn’t break but only becomes stairs, a depowered e-bike can only become a regular bike. Still, you’d like to make sure you have that extra energy at your disposal if you need it. How can you ensure that you do? How far can you ride on one e-bike battery charge? It depends. We’ll explain what affects this.

How Hard Are You Pedaling?

City cyclists who don’t usually take on high speeds or steep inclines can get the most life from each battery charge. If you can maintain a moderate cadence, you can expect to get about 50 miles from a single battery charge. Assuming a reasonable pace of about 15 mph, that’s about three hours of pedaling, which should more than account for going from doorstep to doorstep and back.

What Kind of Terrain Are You Traversing?

Outside conditions affect your mileage while you’re behind the wheel of a car. Likewise, they affect how long your motor can stay charged when you’re on an e-bike. The resistance that comes from rough and uneven ground can shorten your bike’s battery life. Wind resistance can also be a problem, as the wind forces your legs and your motor to work harder to move the bike against it. Of course, the more you pedal uphill—and rely on pedal assistance to do so—the more you can expect your battery range to diminish.

Pure Pedal Assistance or Throttling?

How far you can ride on one e-bike battery charge depends on how much you make use of your throttle, if you have one. Class 2 e-bikes allow riders to use their motors without pedaling by activating them from their handlebars. However, without your pedaling present to share the burden, you’ll drain the battery much faster. This can significantly shorten your range. Relying on the throttle altogether and doing no pedaling of your own can limit you to as few as 20 miles. If traveling long distances is important to you, it may be best to think of your throttle as your “secret weapon” and not a way to get out of pedaling.

Finding the Right Battery

The 48-volt Mini Shark E-Bike battery from Ebike Essentials provides an amazing lifespan at a low weight of just under eight pounds. This small, 48V e-bike battery can offer an effective range of up to 82 miles—well over four hours of pedaling on a single charge. Wherever your cycling takes you, this battery will help you go there with confidence.

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