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Fat Tires vs. Plus-Size Tires on Electric Bikes

Fat Tires vs. Plus-Size Tires on Electric Bikes

Tires can make a big difference in the quality of your ride on your e-bike. Fat and plus-size tires have a few key distinctions between them. Learn the difference between fat tires vs. plus-size tires on electric bikes so that you know how smooth your ride will be.

Plus-Size Tires

Plus-size tires are the smaller of the two options at 2.5 to 3.25 inches in size. Plus-size tires don’t contain as much air as fat tires, but they still provide a lot of stability on an e-bike. Plus-size tires are a happy medium between tire firmness and softness. They’re sturdy, but they also get a bit more contact with the ground and provide ample shock absorption. They add some weight to your bike, but nothing you and your motor can’t handle. Bikes with plus-size tires are easier to steer than fat-tire bikes because the weight of the wheels doesn’t pull the bike in any one direction.

Fat Tires

At a whopping size of 3.8 inches and above, fat tires provide lots of contact with the ground for your e-bike. Fat tires can improve your e-bike’s safety and are an ideal option for new riders and riders who are older. Fat tires also offer great shock absorption and make your ride incredibly smooth. Because they have more traction, fat tires can go over various types of terrain and can be suitable for biking on sand or snow if you so desire. However, fat tires can add a significant amount of extra weight to your e-bike. So you’ll need to have the power to move the extra weight around. Because the tires are so heavy, your bike may sometimes pull to one side easily as you steer.


Now that you know the difference between fat tires vs. plus-size tires on electric bikes, which do you think you’ll choose? Our front hub motor e-bike is an all-in-one kit to get your bike converted into an e-bike easily. It comes with a high-performing motor and a sturdy tire to get you e-biking. Purchase a conversion kit and start today!

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