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Can You Ride an Electric Bike in the Winter?

Can You Ride an Electric Bike in the Winter?

Can you ride an electric bike in the winter? Yes. You’ll need to make some modifications to your bicycle and your riding routine, but it’s possible! We’ll break down what you need to do to make it happen and help you get your biking fix no matter the weather.

Prepare Your Bike for the Elements

While you can make a bike winter-ready, it doesn’t start that way. Standard bicycles don’t have the necessary protections to guard against slushy roads and thick snow, so you should consider applying an anti-rust spray to your spokes and chain. Leaving your bike in the garage after a trip in the snow without this preventative measure is a sure way to see rust ruin a perfect bicycle.

You should also clean your bike after winter rides to remove any salt and gravel that have gotten stuck to it. As far as storage goes, as long as the location is dry, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Protect the Battery

Car batteries and bike batteries work in much the same way, meaning that you don’t want to leave it out in the cold for too long or you risk the battery losing its charge. When you store your bike after a ride, you should remove the battery and bring it inside with you. This will allow for longer trips as well as an increased overall life span of the battery.

Upgrade Your Tires

Regular tires aren’t going to cut it if you’re plowing through a layer of snow. Instead, consider upgrading to studded or fat tires. Studded tires work better for hard-packed snow and icy roads, while fat tires are the best choice for soft snow. If studded tire prices seem a little high, you can try adding zip ties around your regular tires at set intervals, but studded tires will provide the best results.

Now that you know that you can ride an electric bike in the winter, get ready to enjoy this chilly season in a brand-new way! If you have a friend or family member who loves their bike, consider an electric bicycle conversion kit for a gift this holiday season.

by Ebike Essentials