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A Complete Breakdown of Electric Bikes vs. Conversion Kits

A Complete Breakdown of Electric Bikes vs. Conversion Kits

Technology has a unique way of delivering new and better results in half the time, transforming ordinary objects and practices into something special. These changes bring advantages to you and your lifestyle that you can easily incorporate into your life and enjoy daily.

An electric bike is one of your best options if you have an active lifestyle and constantly think about improving or trying new things. E-bikes are versatile, and you can take full advantage of the different benefits in two ways.

This complete breakdown of electric bikes vs. conversion kits will give you important details on how to choose the one that best suits you. Either one of these options will positively impact your life.

Electric Bikes

An electric bike is a factory-made bike with special features that enhance some of the characteristics of traditional bicycles. These features provide things like pedaling assistance and throttle mode to improve traditional bike rides.

The design of a factory electric bike allows each part to work cohesively with the others to deliver the best results. Some of the main benefits of buying an electric bike are:

  • Built-in battery and motor
  • Strong durability and easy to use
  • Battery protection and extended warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Different models and styles are available

Conversion Kits

The best and only way to transform a traditional bike is with a conversion kit. These kits come with different characteristics to fit your immediate needs. Conversion kits are also a reliable way of gradually taking advantage of an e-bike’s benefits, like pedaling assistance.

The different existing conversion kits attach to different parts of your bike, depending on the battery’s power and size. Plus, you can easily remove these parts, which optimizes handling when charging the bike and protects it from extreme weather. They are less expensive, and it’s an excellent way to get the same comfort from the bike you already know and expand the experience. Some of the main characteristics of conversion kits are:

  • They’re easy to attach and remove
  • Convenient placement on your traditional bike
  • Different options for power and speed
  • It’s a less expensive option

Price Difference

The cost of a conversion kit is cheaper than an electric bike because you’re paying for the main elements that transform a traditional bike only. These elements are the motor and the battery. Since you need to add them to an existing bicycle, you save on production costs, assembling, and other materials.

The price for a conversion kit starts at around 500 dollars and can go up depending on the characteristics you desire, like battery power and speed. Electric bikes start at about 1,500 dollars and increase their price based on size, weight, and power.

Price is sometimes a defining factor when deciding which option is better for you. If you want a change and already have had a good experience riding a bike, a fully equipped bike might be the best option. Conversion kits are ideal for smoother transitions and enhance the experience of any trip, from pleasure rides to longer commutes to exercise.

Customization Options

The customization of an e-bike comes mainly from conversion kits because they have different options to cover your riding needs. The various kits provide a range of sizes, power, and speed options that allow you to experiment in different ways. Since these kits are less expensive, you can change them more often and adjust them to your changing needs.

Placement and power are two elements that influence the performance of an e-bike. Buying a factory-made e-bike will provide you with only specific characteristics, but you know that all the components work together, so the bike may have a longer lifespan.

Battery Charging

The most convenient way to charge a battery is by removing it from its placement on the bike and setting it in a comfortable place inside your home. However, with a prefabricated electric bike, you can’t remove the battery on some models. Therefore, you need to charge it outside in your garage or bring the whole bike inside.

Another perk of conversion kits is that replacing or buying an extra battery is less expensive. However, many e-bike stores will have e-bike parts and replacement batteries at more accessible prices. Carrying a spare battery could help you in case you run out of power somewhere without a charger, so consider buying one while you’re at the store.

Conversion Kit Compatibility

The factory’s electric bikes have all the major elements ready for use, including a battery, motor, and control. These elements work cohesively, so the bike shouldn’t have any problems from start to finish. However, conversion kits work differently.

There are three different types of kits—front hub, rear hub, and mid-drive—with different battery usage and speed properties. The mid-drive hub is the only one that has some restrictions depending on the model of your traditional bike. This is because the bike needs to meet certain physical characteristics, like the size of the center pole and pedal height, to have a successful placement.

Pros and Cons of Conversion Kits and E-bikes

One of the main differences between an electric bike and a conversion kit is the versatility that each one provides. They both cover certain needs and deliver good results, but one may have more of what you’re looking for.

Pros of Using a Conversion Kit

  • Easy installation and use
  • Accessible replacement parts
  • You get the most value for your money
  • Accessorize most types of bikes

Cons of Conversion Kits

  • Must take extra care of the parts
  • Some restrictions with certain bike models
  • Different brands and various warranty limits

Pros of E-Bikes

  • Come ready to use
  • Every part fits and matches perfectly
  • Minimal assembly
  • Extended warranty

Cons of E-Bikes

  • Expensive
  • No possibilities for upgrades
  • Costly battery replacement
  • Upgraded models stop the distribution of old parts

Freedom To Choose

Everything in life has different perspectives and points of view, but that doesn’t have to stop you from making the decision of what’s best for you. Choosing between an e-bike or a conversion kit will determine only how you spend your money and how you can deal with difficult situations in the future. Your present experience will be great with either one, and it’ll fill your lifestyle with good health and power.

A Complete Breakdown of Electric Bikes vs. Conversion Kits
by Ebike Essentials