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8 Beneficial Environmental Impacts of Riding an E-Bike

8 Beneficial Environmental Impacts of Riding an E-Bike

It’s no secret that the world is changing—the planet’s heating up. Politics aside, something needs to be done to ensure a healthy planet for the next generation. Technology is racing for solutions but has already presented a few viable options. Electric vehicles are growing in popularity and dropping in price.

This accessibility makes it easier for consumers to leave behind gas-guzzling SUVs, but many electric cars are still prohibitively expensive for the average American. Luckily, that’s not your only option for sustainable travel. For a significantly more affordable choice (that can still travel up to 30 miles per hour), read on to learn the eight beneficial environmental impacts of riding an e-bike.

How Do They Work?

Before we get into the many ways that e-bikes help the planet, let’s explain a little of the science that propels them. Electric bicycles use a combination of human power (pedaling the bike) and electricity (applied with a motor, powered by a battery). This system allows you to achieve the same speeds as a car in suburban areas with no more effort than it took to pedal your old bike.

All you need is an e-bike kit, a battery, and a little initiative, and you can transform any old bike you have into a paragon of sustainability! That’s right—you may have seen advertisements for expensive electric bicycles, but you can make it work with an affordable kit and a favorite bike you have lying around.

Zero-Emissions Transportation

As you know, gas and diesel-powered vehicles spew harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere, contributing to the changes we’re seeing in the climate. Electric bikes produce no emissions at all due to their human and electric-powered nature.

This emission-free transportation is especially helpful in urban areas, as too many nonelectric vehicles can produce smog that makes it dangerous to go outside. The more e-bikes in cities, the less smog there’ll be!

If you live in the suburbs, your bike is perfect for there, too. In addition to carbon, e-bicycles also produce little to no sound emissions. While souped-up cars bellow up and down residential streets and cough gases into the air, you can coast along nearly silently on your bicycle, knowing that your vehicle isn’t bothering a soul.

Less Damaging to Roads

While e-bikes are heavier than their unpowered little brothers, they are hundreds of pounds lighter than cars, trucks, and motorcycles. For that reason, their impact on local roads is next to nothing, reducing the need for road repairs. When a street requires pothole or crack repair, large construction vehicles need to show up, causing even more pollution than regular cars and trucks.

If everyone rode an electric bike, street repairs would be few and far between, reducing the overall carbon emissions of the road repair industry.

Off-Peak Charging Option

This may not be something you think about, but every device you charge causes some level of strain on your local power grid. While one device is nowhere near enough to affect a power grid, thousands of devices from all around your area can certainly make an impact.

That’s why it’s great that you can charge up your e-bike during off-peak hours! Picking such a time causes less strain on the grid, lowering the risk of blackouts. Additionally, you’ll save a little money, as peak electricity hours cost more for the consumer.

E-Bikes Can Use Sustainable Energy

Solar power is among the most impactful ways that citizens can take their carbon footprint into their own hands. If you have a solar panel system installed at your home (or are planning to), you can create a completely green setup! Sustainable energy used to power your home and charge your transportation system? That’s eco-friendliness on another level!

Off-Road Accessibility

While most off-roading aficionados have two vehicles (one for off-roading, the other for everyday travel), an e-bike can manage in either environment. Swap some grippy tires onto your electric bicycle, and you can take to the trails as easily as you ride on suburban streets! Goodbye, gas-guzzling ATVs!

Long-Lasting Batteries

A battery is only as efficient as its lifespan. It’s not very eco-friendly to use up a battery, dump it at a landfill, and repeat the process every few months. That’s why it’s so great that some batteries, like our electric bike batteries for sale, last up to four years! This lifespan has the added benefit of reducing the number of battery purchases you need to make.

Finally, don’t throw your batteries away when they no longer charge—bring them to a certified lithium-ion battery recycling location to stay as sustainable as possible.

Virus-Free Travel

We humans are part of the environment, too! With the crazy world we’re living in, public transportation has become something of a dangerous proposition. A trip on the bus could lead to infection if you sit next to someone with COVID-19, but riding your bike ensures a safe journey from point A to point B.

In addition to keeping you safe, it also keeps other members of your community safe—it’s entirely possible to have the coronavirus and remain asymptomatic, so taking your bicycle prevents you from spreading your germs, too.

Encourages Exercise

It’s no secret that exercise is essential, but that doesn’t make it any less of a chore. What does get people up off their couches is the prospect of flying through their neighborhood on a zippy electric bike.

E-bikes are truly the perfect thing to encourage those of us who struggle with self-motivation for exercising—unlike on a regular bicycle, you can work out as much as you want, then switch to motor power and coast the rest of the way home. It’s almost like a built-in cool-down functionality! Take breaks whenever you need to without interrupting the flow of your ride.

This tip leads back to the previous one—COVID is much more dangerous to people with pre-existing conditions like type-2 diabetes and obesity. An electric bicycle helps reduce these conditions, thus making any infections less dangerous.

Now that you know these eight beneficial environmental impacts of riding an e-bike, pick up an electric bicycle and help make the world a greener place.

8 Beneficial Environmental Impacts of Riding an E-Bike

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