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7 of America’s Most E-Bike-Friendly Cities

7 of America’s Most E-Bike-Friendly Cities

Car culture reigns supreme in the U.S.—with some notable exceptions. We’ve picked out a magnificent seven of them—seven of America’s most e-bike-friendly cities.

Washington, D.C.

The grand opening of the Washington Metro was a red-letter date for our nation’s capital, as it brought long-overdue subterranean rapid transit to one of the American cities most unnavigable by car. Back at street level, there’s another alternative to DC driving that burns more calories than sitting on the train. An e-bike is especially savvy if you live in Georgetown—a classic neighborhood that the tunnels of the Metro seemed to miss.

Austin, Texas

Austin is a city that prides itself on being a little different. Many denizens rely on e-bikes to get around. As Texas’s capital grows at a breakneck pace, its infrastructure has struggled to stay in step, leading to vehicular traffic that’s bad and getting ever worse. Bypass the encroaching Texas car culture with an electric bike instead.

Minneapolis-St. Paul

The Twin Cities punch above their weight in a lot of ways. You’ll find a passion for the performing arts that rivals New York and Los Angeles, an intellectual culture that contends with that of Boston, and a love for the great outdoors that you’d expect from hike-happy Colorado. Agreeable weather is at a premium in the Cities, so Minnesotans make every nice day count with extensive networks of bike trails and a penchant for car-free commutes—all of which are perfect for e-bikes.

Portland, Oregon

You can’t be surprised by this one. Portland combines a Cascadian ardor for outdoor activities with a vibrant urban culture that rewards alternatives to driving. For business or pleasure, e-bikes are constantly buzzing about the Rose City. There’s not a city in the country where more commuters per capita arrive at work via bicycle.

San Diego, California

With all the natural beauty and idyllic weather of Los Angeles with fewer freeways, San Diego is a perfect place for riding an e-bike in more ways than one. Navigating San Diego’s classic downtown, the Gaslamp Quarter, from behind the handlebars of your e-bike is a must, as is taking your e-bike to the beaches that make San Diego famous.

San Francisco-Oakland, California

Up the coast, the entire Bay Area is a thriving location for e-bikes. Pleasant weather is enough to get people outdoors, but it’s the pedal assistance of e-bikes that makes going electric necessary for handling the many hills of San Francisco and the East Bay. Still pedaling solo? Our electric bicycle mid drive conversion kit will help you tackle the Bay Area’s terrain.

Madison, Wisconsin

Located on a hilly isthmus between two lakes, Madison is ill-suited to driving. Fortunately, as the home of the University of Wisconsin, the state government, and a variety of emerging businesses related to both, Madtown is a natural draw for creative and eccentric e-bike enthusiasts. There’s no better way to get around one of America’s most e-bike-friendly cities.

by Ebike Essentials