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4 Reasons Electric Bikes Have Risen in Popularity

4 Reasons Electric Bikes Have Risen in Popularity

You may see them on your daily commute, outside the window of your office, or even just riding around the block. There’s no escaping the influx of new e-bike riders that have flooded the country. Why has this change taken place? What is it about an e-bike that people can’t seem to ignore? If you aren’t sure why you see so many e-bikes nowadays, we can spell out the major influences. Here are a few of the reasons electric bikes have risen in popularity and why they might be a good choice for you as well.

Easier To Store

With more and more people living in urban and suburban centers, space for cars is a limited commodity. You can only build so many parking lots, and streets can only get so wide. Compared to a car, an electric bike gives you many more storage options. E-bikes fit in apartments without much effort, allowing people without garages or parking spaces to have a more convenient mode of transportation ready to go whenever they need it.

Cost Savings

One of the most obvious reasons electric bikes have risen in popularity is because of how much cheaper they are than alternative options. New cars are extremely cost-prohibitive for some, as are the insurance and maintenance fees that come with them. However, a bike conversion, such as our 1000W e-bike kit with battery, will cost only a fraction of a new or even used car’s cost.

Environmental Protection

The state of our environment has become an even bigger concern in the past few years alone. With cars and trucks still flooding our streets, we need to do everything we can to fight back against climate change. An e-bike is a perfect solution, as its total emissions are a tiny fraction of what a car produces regularly. If protecting the environment is something you care a great deal about, switching to an e-bike for transportation can reduce your personal emissions by a large margin.

Versatile Uses

With a traditional vehicle, you’re always bound by the roads that others planned out for you. One of the nicest things about an e-bike is the sense of freedom you get when you aren’t tied down to the same routes that everyone else takes. The ability to create your own path without having to worry about traffic and delays is a huge benefit to owning your own electric bike.

If you’re ready to get with the times, Ebike Essentials has everything you need to make your bike the powerhouse you want it to be. Check out our store for easy-to-install conversion kits for your bike today.

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