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3 Ways E-Bikes Can Help During Physical Therapy

3 Ways E-Bikes Can Help During Physical Therapy

If you’re looking for ways to stay active after a hip or knee surgery, we have just what you need! Investing in an e-bike is a perfect form of physical therapy. Do you want to know the best part? Unlike other physical therapy tools that aren’t useful after you’ve recovered, an e-bike will give you enjoyment for years to come. Read on to learn three ways e-bikes can help during physical therapy.

Low-Impact Exercise

The last thing you want after a surgery is an exercise that puts strain on your joints. This can be a tricky thing to come by, however—running is the simplest exercise you can do, but it involves harsh impacts on the ground. This can jostle your joints and set back your physical therapy. Instead, you should look for low-impact exercises like swimming and, you guessed it, biking!

Since riding a bicycle involves gentle pushing motions, you won’t experience sharp jolts to your joints. This is perfect if you’re recovering from a knee surgery—running would be too hard on your knees.

You Set the Pace

An e-bike is better than a regular bicycle for physical therapy, however. While a bicycle requires significant work to propel it, an electric bicycle allows you to set the pace. If you want the bike to do all the work while you rest your feet on the pedals, you can do that! As you build up your strength, you can reduce the bike’s pedal-assist and start doing more and more on your own.

Exercise Encouragement

Last (but certainly not least), e-bikes offer a motivation to exercise. After a surgery, it can feel difficult to want to work out, but it’s essential to your recovery. Electric bicycles provide a fun way to get you moving, and that benefit can’t be understated. Check out our selection of small 48v e-bike batteries to start your pedal-assisted journey.

Now that you know these three ways e-bikes can help during physical therapy, invest in your health and get your electric bicycle today!

by Ebike Essentials