• Ultra-Slim 48V 11.6 AH Panasonic Cells Downtube Ebike Battery & Charger

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    Ultra-Slim 48V 11.6 Ah Panasonic Lithium-ion Downtube Frame Locking Battery with Battery Management System 

    This ultra-slim case is one of the newest ebike battery designs. This slim ebike design allows it to fit inside the triangle of most bikes where it can be mounted on the downtube frame to take the place of the watter bottle holder. You can also mount it on a rear rack or wherever else you choose. We offer battery extension cables so that you are not limited to where you would like the battery to be mounted. Some riders even bike with the battery in their backpack since it's so lightweight (only ~7 pounds)! 

    The battery comes with two keys (we give you a spare, you know, just in case) to lock the battery in place on the mount, so when you are riding you don't have to worry about losing your battery! Oh, and we don't charge you extra for the ebike battery charger. The charger is included in the battery price, because what's the point of buying a battery that you can't recharge (a.k.a. being charged extra for something that you need!)?!


    Parts included:

    o   48V 11.6AH Lithium-ion Battery with Newest Slim Frame Downtube Mounting Design.

    o   Premium, High-quality Panasonic NCR18650PF Cells

    o   Built-in Battery Management System (BMS)

    o   Direct (Male and Female) plug connections for any Bafang Motor kit.

    o   High-Quality Aluminum 2A or 3A Charger with built-in fan & 3-prong grounded US Plug

    o   Necessary screws for water-bottle frame installation

    o   Lighted battery gauge which indicates the current battery charge level

    o   Convenient and quick mounting release to easily take your battery on and off your bike

    o   Key locking mount that keeps your battery securely attached to your bike

    o   Ultra-slim battery pack allows it to easily mount on most bike frames

    The battery dimension are: 14.2 x 3.5 x 3.6 inches. Keep in mind, you probably want some wiggle room to be able to take your battery on and off your bike! 

    48V Ultra-Slim Ebike Battery Specs:



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