• Bafang BBS02 750W Mid Drive Motor Ebike Kit & Battery with Charger

    $999.00 $799.00

    Bafang Mid Drive BBS02 Ebike Conversion Kit includes:

    • Newest 750w BBS02 Bafang Mid Drive Motor (version B)
    • 25 amp upgraded Controller (integrated in motor) with 3077 mosfets    
    • LCD Display (C961 Display or DPC-18 Full Color Display)
    • Ebrake Handle Levers or Hydraulic Brake Sensors    
    • Chain Ring and Cover (your choice of 44T, 48T or 52T)     
    • Left Thumb Throttle
    •  Speed Sensor with Spoke Magnet   
    • Main Wiring Harness
    • 11.6 Ah Downtube Battery with Aluminum Charger. Our batteries have easy plug and play connections to fit the Bafang motor. Battery options include 48V Ultra-Slim or 52V Turbocharge Dolphin both options contain premium Panasonic NCR18650PF 10A 3C high discharge rate cells. Choose to maximize your Bafang motor's power with the 52V Turbocharge Dolphin battery and achieve up to 1300 watts of power!

    Which Sprocket?

    We offer the Bafang BBS02 kit with three sprocket options with different tooth sizes (44T, 48T and 52T). 

    44 tooth is the smallest option that will provide you with the most torque and it is the best option for hill-climbing ability.

    48 tooth is a reliable middle of the ride option.

    52 tooth is the largest option and will provide you with the highest top speed (~30mph) and it is recommended to be used mainly for street riding.


    This is the newest complete Bafang 750w BBS02 electric mid drive motor kit & battery, including version B motor and upgraded 25 amp controller with 3077 mosfets. Guess, what? We don't charge you more for each necessary part that is included with the Bafang motor kit - it's all included at our extremely low and affordable price. We don't like to be nickel and dimed, and we don't think our customers should be either! 

     The Complete Bafang BBS02 mid drive ebike conversion kit & battery comes with all necessary parts to convert just about any bike (must have 68-73mm bottom bracket) to an electric bike! This 750 watt motor kit is a high-performing, lightweight, quiet, fast (up to 30+ MPH), hill-climbing, well-engineered electric bike kit. Superior to hub motors, the mid drive motor kit feels just like a normal bike when pedaling since it can completely free wheel. The motor includes pedal assist sensors (PAS), so you can choose the power level of motor assistance that you would like while pedaling. Also, you can always overpower your designated PAS level with your throttle in order to achieve your desired speed and power.

    This BBS02 750 watt Bafang motor kit is the most powerful street legal option in the US. This 750 watt electric bike motor is officially rated (and stamped) 750 watts to meet legal requirements in all states! Even better news - the motor can deliver up to 1,300 watts of peak power if you choose the 52V battery. The kit comes with a default top speed of 25 MPH to make it legal in every state, however, this top speed can be easily adjusted to up to 30+ MPH in the LCD display settings. 

    Our battery options include the newest battery technology and design for 2018. Our batteries are made from Powerful Samsung 1865029E or Panasonic NCR18650PF 10A 3C high discharge rate cells. 


    These kits will only work on bikes with 68mm & 73mm bottom brackets, which is most bikes with the exception of fat bikes and beach cruisers. Please confirm the size of your bike’s bottom bracket before purchasing. If you have any questions before purchasing, feel free to contact us anytime.

    Our batteries will fit on the downtube of most standard bikes with no problem! Sometimes it can be trickier to mount the battery on bikes with full suspension and other specialty bikes. Please check the dimensions on your bike to see if the battery will be able to be mounted on your bike’s downtube. Here are the 48V ebike battery dimensions and specs and 52V ebike battery dimension and specs to check them against your bike’s dimensions.


    The Bafang motor conversion kit installation is a DIY project that requires no specialty expertise – simply install the parts, plug in the connectors and zip-tie (we include zip ties for free) the cables! The trickiest part of the install process is removing your bike’s existing bottom bracket. If you are not interested in performing the install yourself, simply stop by your local bike shop, and they should easily be able to install the Bafang electric bike conversion kit for you. The only tool that you will need for the install is a standard spanner wrench, which is included in most bike tool kits. No specialty tools are necessary! Please note that this Bafang electric bike conversion motor kit does NOT include a spanner wrench.

    Please refer to our BBS02 750w motor kit Installation page for our video with step-by-step installation instructions & Bafang LCD Display manual downloads.


    Ships within 1 business day. We don't want you to have to wait long to start enjoying your new electric lifestyle! Ships from California, USA with insurance, tracking and signature confirmation. Shipping cost is a flat $50 charge. We currently only ship within the United States.