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Common Electric Bike Noises To Be Listening For

Common Electric Bike Noises To Be Listening For

E-bikes make a bit of noise, but do you know which sounds could be warning signs that something is wrong? These are the most common electric bike noises to be listening for. Know the signs your bike is off, and stay safe.

Chain Slapping

If you hear the slapping of the chain on your e-bike, chances are you forgot to turn the clutch back on after the last time you worked on your rear wheel. Engage the clutch, and you should avoid this annoying sound.

General Chain Noise

If you notice a lot of noise coming from your bike’s chain, chances are it could be improperly lubricated or be rusty and need replacement. Make sure your chain is up to speed and lubricated correctly. If that doesn’t fix the problem, it may be time to replace your bike chain.

Improper Gear Indexing

Improper gear indexing can cause a lot of noise from the rear chain area of your bike as your bike tries to switch back and forth to different gears. Increase or decrease the tension on the barrel adjuster of your shifter and see if this rectifies the problem. If that doesn’t work, see if your cassette is in good working order.


Creaking is one of the most common electric bike noises to be listening for. Creaking can come from any part of your bike, but it’s best to investigate to find the sound’s source when you notice it. Disassemble and reassemble the area the creak is coming from and tighten everything back up, and you should be ready to ride again. Check in with a bike mechanic if you’ve done this and still notice a creaking.

Contaminated Discs

Contaminated discs can happen from excess lubrication or debris being on your discs. Try getting fresh brake pads and cleaning your rotor, and you should be ready to get back on your bike.

Brake Rub

If you hear the brakes rubbing when you brake, your rotor could have bent. Try to unbend your rotor or visit your local bike mechanic to have them get your rotor straightened out.

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