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3 Interesting Facts About E-Bike Front Hub Motors

3 Interesting Facts About E-Bike Front Hub Motors

Electric bicycles come with a few options for your motor. You have front and rear hub motors, and there’s also a mid-drive motor. There’s something to be said for all of them, but our pick as the best overall option is the front hub. Read on to discover three interesting facts about e-bike front hub motors!

They Help Avoid Wheelies

Balance is critical on any bicycle, but it becomes even more of a factor on an e-bike. With expensive components to protect, minor crashes and spills can lead to big hassles. Most e-bikes have batteries mounted on the rear, and batteries are heavy. A rear hub motor adds to that weight and tips the balance of your bike backward.

If you accelerate too quickly, it’s easy for your front wheel to shoot up—suddenly, you’re a unicyclist. A front hub motor helps balance the weight and keeps both wheels firmly planted on the ground.

Fewer Flat Tires in Your Hub Motor

Despite your front tires blazing the trail, it’s your rear tires that are more likely to pop! That’s because your front wheel glides over sharp but flat objects in the road and kicks them up. While the front wheel escapes scot-free, your rear wheel could get unlucky and run over a no-longer-flat piece of glass in the road.

This isn’t much of a problem because tire replacements are easy, but things get more complicated when you try to fix a flat in a hub motor wheel. Install a front hub motor on your e-bike to keep it well-protected.

Gives You a Backup Plan

A mid-drive e-bike doesn’t connect to either of your wheels. Instead, the mid-drive motor connects to your bicycle’s chain system. If the motor or chain breaks, you’re dead in the water. With a front (or rear) hub motor, however, if your motor breaks, you can still get home through the power of the pedal! Conversely, if your chain snaps, you can forge ahead using your motor.

Now that you know these three interesting facts about e-bike front hub motors, install one on your bicycle and get ready to have fun!

by Ebike Essentials